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You may drive a maximum of 3 GTS gefran solid state relays - this may differ for other SSR brands.


This is a possible indication of an instrument that is in Soft-start mode - a function that serves to avoid thermal shock to a heating system. To check if controller is set for soft-start, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the button until is displayed
  2. Using buttons configure value to...

Yes, although 0-10V is the standard output, the analogue signal can be changed to 4-20mA.

  1. Step:
    S1 = ON (0 -10Vdc) Standard
    S1 = OFF (0-20mA)
    Change the jumper setting on the analogue output card as required
  2. Step...

Yes, although 0-10V is the standard output, the analogue signal can be changed to 2-10V.

  1. Press and hold the button until appears;
  2. Press the button repeatedly until...
  1. Press and hold the key until is displayed;
  2. Using the keys, configure value to 99...

This usually an indication of a) a faulty Pt100 or analogue signal or b) wrong sensor type or c) sensor signal is out of range or d) incorrect/damaged input connection.


  1. Step 1: Check the jumper setting

    VT = transmitter supply for 2 wire analogue signal
  2. Step 2: If input type is known (Pt100,...

This is usually an indication of a faulty thermocouple temperature sensor (open circuit or faulty cable).


Step 1: If input type is known (eg. Thermocouple type J), change tyP parameter.
  1. Press and hold the Fbutton until is displayed;
  2. ...

Thermon polymer insulated heat tracers have an overjacket covering the braid. This overjacket is intended be a chemical corrosion barrier for the braid and also provide additional mechanical strength.

For what chemicals do -OJ and -FOJ overjackets offer protection?

In general for Thermon BSX Self-Regulating Heatng Cables, the polyolefin...


A heating cable that includes a continuous series of short, independent heating circuits. Localized damage can result in only partial loss of heating. Watt-per-unit length output is relatively unchanged by variations in circuit length up to several hundred feet. Known as “cut-to-length”, parallel cables are easy to size because circuit lengths (within limits) do not have to be considered.


Any heating cable providing a watt output which increases as temperatures fall and decreases as temperatures rise. Self-regulating heating cables use a carbon matrix-heating element with variable resistance.

Self-regulating cables have a conductive polymer-heating element where the resistance exhibits a PTC characteristic, the resistance of the element increases with temperature. Conversely, the cable’s power output decreases with increasing temperature. As the temperature increases...