Thermon TESH: Series Constant Watt Heating Cable, <260°C
Thermon TESH: Series Constant Watt Heating Cable, <260°C
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  • A high temperature constant wattage polymer heat tracing cable.
  • Ideal for freeze protection or process temperature maintenance
  • This cable is used in rugged environments, typically in refineries
  • Withstands the temperature exposures associated with steam purging.
  • Operating Voltage: 750 VAC
  • Maximum operating temperature: 260°C
  • T-rating: Stabilized design or thermostat
  • Certifications/ Approval:
    Thermon TESH - specifications


* with 30 mA earthfault protection NOTE: Longer circuit lengths are possible based on earth-fault protection with higher earthfault ratings; contact us.


Thermon TESH: Constant watt heating cable, product specifications

  1. Heating conductor
  2. Fluoropolymer dielectric insulation
  3. Glassceramic tape
  4. Nickel-plated copper braid (BN)
  5. Fluoropolymer overjacket

Applications for Thermon TESH Constant Watt Heating Cables

TESH series resistance constant Watt heating cables are used where circuit lengths exceed the limitations of parallel resistance heating cables. TESH withstands the temperature exposures associated with steam purging.

The series circuitry of TESH provides consistent Wattper- metre power output along the entire length of the cable with no voltage drop. A glassceramic tape layer adds additional protection to the heating cable and a fluoropolymer overjacket provides chemical resistance while maintaining maximum flexibility. The construction of the cable meets the 7 Joule impact test per EN50019.

TESH cables are approved for use in ordinary (nonclassified) areas and Catagories 2 and 3 ATEX classified areas.

CE certificateII 2 G EEx e IIC T2 to T6 L CIE 05 ATEX 6135


  • Maximum Watt density: 25 W/m
  • Maximum supply voltage: 750 Vac
  • Maximum continuous exposure temperature:
    Power-off: 260°C
  • Minimum installation temperature: -60°C
  • Minimum bend radius
    5 x cable O.D.
  • T-rating¹
    Based on stabilized design²: T3 to T6


¹T-rating per internationally recognised testing agency guidelines.
²Thermon heating cables are approved for the listed T-ratings using the stabilised design method. This enables the cable to operate in hazardous areas without limiting thermostats. The T-rating may be determined using CompuTrace® Electric Heat Tracing Design Software or contact us for design assistance.

Stabilised Design

The Watt density limitation for TESH cables is directly related to the desired maintain temperature. Thermon is able to ensure the T-rating based on a stabilised design that enables series constant Watt heating cables to operate in hazardous areas without limiting thermostats.

TESH cable output and T-rating are dependent upon supply voltage, cable resistance, temperature conditions as well as additional variables.

Circuit Breaker Sizing and Type

Maximum circuit lengths for various circuit breaker amperages are shown below. Circuit breaker sizing and earth-fault protection should be based on applicable local codes. For information on design and performance on other voltages, contact Thermon.

Earth-fault protection of equipment should be provided for each branch circuit supplying electric heating equipment.

Available Cables
Product TypeResistance
at 20°C
Max. Cable Length¹
m (with 30 mA earthfault
TESH 2.90.00296.0014357.0
TESH 4.40.00444.0015256.3
TESH 70.00722.5018555.5
TESH 100.0101.7917755.1
TESH 150.0151.220904.7
TESH 17.80.01781.0022754.6
TESH 250.0251.1125254.6
TESH 31.50.03151.6024004.9
TESH 500,0501.0223354.7
TESH 650,0650.7518904.4
TESH 800,0801.2121904.3
TESH 1000.1001.5020254.9
TESH 1500.1501.0223354.6
TESH 2000.2001.7526054.4
TESH 3200.3200.9224204.5
TESH 3800.3800.7925554.4
TESH 4800.4800.6427654.3
TESH 6000.6000.4930104.2
TESH 7000.7000.4331554.1
TESH 8100.8100.6227804.3
TESH 10001.0000.4930104.2
TESH 14401.4400.3433954.1
TESH 17501.7500.2936154.1
TESH 20002.0000.5529004.2
TESH 30003.0000.3433954.1
TESH 80008.0000.1444553.8

¹Longer circuit lengths are possible based on earth-fault protection with higher earth-fault ratings; contact us.

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