testo Saveris: Base Station
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The base is the heart of testo Saveris and can save 40,000 readings independent of the PC.

The system data and alarms are visible via the display of the Saveris base. Even without the PC running, the base issues an alarm by means of an LED if the limit value is exceeded, or optionally via SMS and via a relay output to which an alarm transmitter can be connected. In total, a base can incorporate 150 radio and Ethernet probes or 254 measurement channels

Memory40,000 values per channel (total max. 10,160,000 values)
DimensionsApprox. 225 x 150 x 49 mm
WeightApprox. 1510 g
Protection ClassIP42
Material (housing)Diecast Zinc / Plastic
Radio frequency868 MHz
Power Supply6.3 V DC mains unit; alternatively via 24 V AC/DC plug-in/screw terminals, power consumption < 4 W
Rechargable BatteryLi-ion battery (for data-backup and for emergency SMS with failure of the power supply)
Oper. Temp.-10 to +50 °C
Storage Temp.-40 to +85 °C
Displaygraphical display, 4 control keys
InterfacesUSB, radio, ethernet
Connectable radio probesMax. 15 can be directly connected via radio interface,
Max. 150 total via radio/router/converter/ethernet, max. 254 channels
Alarm Relaymax. 1 A, max 30 W, max 60/25 V DC/AC, NC or NO contact
GSM module800 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
Set upTable base and wall bracket included

testo Saveris: Automated Stationary Data Logging System

with real-time alarm function & Transport Extension for mobile applications
This data monitoring system from testo offers a highly professional measurement and documentation solution for many different areas of applications. Saveris is an automated plug & play temperature and humidity recording system using wireless and/or Ethernet as communications medium. For other parameters a 4... 20mA logger is available. Saveris is designed to continuously record, document and alarm (relay, sms, email) on exceeded limit values.

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testo Saveris Transport: Automated Data Logging SystemSaveris T2 - radio probe with external probe connection and internal NTCSaveris Pt E - with Pt100 probe connectiontesto Saveris Convertertesto Saveris Extendertesto Saveris Ethernet Probes testo Saveris Radio Probes testo Saveris Ethernet Probes testo Saveris Cockpit Unit testo Saveris Transport Cockpit Unit testo Saveris Base Station testo Saveris software testo 6681: Precision Humidity Transmitter testo Saveris Router Saveris H3 D Radio Probe

In addition to the existing measurement principle for stationary applications, the system can be extended for monitoring of humidity and temperature during transport of goods such as foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals.

During transport, probes transfer all measurement values and alarms wirelessly to a cockpit unit which is situated in the driver's cabin and which shows all relevant information in the display. Simultaneously, an infrared printer allows the printout of the measurement values at the site of the handover of goods. As soon as the probes come within the range of the logging system, all measurement values are automatically and centrally stored in a database.

The new Saveris software provides many additional functions. The tour management with calendar function, for example, provides highest flexibility in the planning of different measurement tasks.

This means the Saveris mobile data logging system guarantees the uninterrupted monitoring and control of different processes – from production and storage, via transport, up to delivery.

testo Saveris: Measure. Document. Issue alarms.

Monitoring and limit value alarms for temperature and humidity data:

  • in production in the food sector:
    production, quality assurance and storage
  • in the pharmaceutical industry:
    research & development, laboratories & hosipitals, pharmacies
  • for building climate

Fast and easy installation. Data transfer by radio. Immediate alarm when limit values are exceeded: On site at a distance and by software pop-up, email or SMS. Automated documentation: Choice of wireless or Ethernet probes; unlimited possibilities for combination and extension.

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