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Air Quality Measurement Meters

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Indoor Air Quality influences subjective well-being in humans, which means that monitoring using reliable gas detectors is extremely important.

Temperature, humidity, Airflow, CO and CO2 are the main parameters most often measured to assess indoor air quality. Poor air quality in offices, homes, schools and institutions can lead to excessive fatigue and poor concentration.

Testo's range of Air Quality Monitoring Instruments reliably measure ambient gas concentrations as well as other important parameters for optimal HVAC applications such as cfm, fpm, ΔP, CO2, %RH, degreeC, Lux and more.

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Indoor air testing equipment

Our indoor air testing instruments are perfect for monitoring, analyzing and diagnosing indoor air quality problems in the office, in the warehouse, or on the production floor, in restaurants or schools... anywhere you need to take important IAQ measurements.

For example, the IAQ probe measures CO2, relative humidity, room air temperature and absolute pressure for evaluating indoor air quality. In addition, the instrument itself can calculate absolute pressure, draft, lux and surface temperature.

Determining volume flow, is easy with a wide selection of thermal probes, vane probes and Pitot tubes. You can easily pinpoint and troubleshoot problems with HVAC systems and see the results of corrections immediately.

Commissioning, validating, benchmarking, or simpy adjusting HVAC systems are all easy tasks with our intuitive measurement equipment.

The right probe for every HVAC application

Air Quality measurement applications
testo 480: Room Air Quality measurement
Air Velocity measurement

Testo Air Quality Meters are designed to accept a variety of probes depending upon your applicaton. The extraordinatory selection makes it possible to measure everything from IAQ to velocity.

For basic HVAC checks, temperature and humidity measurements have been integrated in the thermal probe, for measurements in ducts. Flow speed, volume flow, air humidity and air temperature can easily be measured in one sequence.

The vane probe with a diameter of 2.4 in. is suited for integrated measurements at registers. For duct measurements, a 0.6 in. vane probe with a broad range, 118 to 8000 fpm is available.

The Pilot tube is ideal for higher air velocities. A 10"H20 differential pressure probe is integrated into the testo 435-3 and testo 435-4 for this purpose. For important IAQ measurements the unique IAQ probe measures CO2, relative humidity and room air temperature in order to evaluate room air quality plus absolute pressure.

The degree of air velocity or draftiness in any room can easily be determined with the turbulence probe.

Determine the true illumination (lux) of those low-lit areas that affect working conditions daily. Surface temperature measurements of motors,cooling coils, heat exchangers, etc. are easily performed with the cross-band probe. Its unique design reaches the actual surface temperature in just a few seconds.

Wireless probes offer many advantages over traditional cable or integrated probes. Measurements up to 65 ft. from the meter are possible. There is no risk of damaging or tangling wires or cables. With the teso 435 up to three wireless probes can be read and displayed at once for temperature and humidity measurements. The optional wireless module can be installed by the user at any time.

Typical applications

  • Air balancing analysis
  • Velocity measurement in ducts
  • IAQ diagnostics
  • VAC system performance testing
  • U-Value/ R-Value determination

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