Infrared Thermometer, Single Point Pyrometers

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Infrared Thermometers, Single Point Pyrometers

Single Point Pyrometers/ IR Temperature measurement

During infrared measurement (IR measurement), surface temperatures are measured without contact and also at a distance.

IR measurement is ideal for moving or conductive parts, for example, as well as for the temperature measurement of entire pallets of goods in the food processing sector.

Due to the extreme time pressure and due diligence required by HACCP directives, IR measurement is absolutely invaluable in this field.

testo, the leading manufacturer of portable measurement technology, provides infrared measuring instruments for fast and tough everyday use.


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testo 805: Mini

testo 805: Mini Infrared Thermometer
  • Non-contact temperature measurement in mini format:
    Fits into any jacket pocket
  • High accuracy in a critical area for the food industry: Packaging remains undamaged
  • Scan mode for permanent measurement
  • Watertight & dishwasher-proof
    thanks to the TopSafe (IP65) protection case.
  • Display of minimum and maximum values

testo 810: IR Thermometer with Ambient Air Temperature Sensor (PocketLine)

testo 810: IR Thermometer with Ambient Air Temperature Sensor (PocketLine)
  • Air temperature and infrared surface temperature in one instrument
  • IR measurement with 1-point laser measurement spot marking and 6:1 optics
  • Display of differential temperature e.g. between window and air
  • Hold function and max./min. values

testo 830: Infrared Temperature Measuring Instruments

testo 830: Infrared Temperature Measuring Instruments
  • Laser measurement point marker and large optics for exact measurement even at greater distances
  • Fast recording of measurement values at two measurements per second
  • Adjustable emissivity
  • 2 adjustable alarm limit values
  • Good handling thanks to ergonomic "pistol design"

testo 831: IR Distance Thermometer, for food monitoring

testo 831: IR Distance Thermometer, for food monitoring
  • Infrared thermometer with 30:1 optics
  • Broad measurement range of -30 to +210 °C
  • Alarm limit values can be set
  • Two laser beams for marking the measurement spot
  • Accuracy: ±1,5 °C or ±1,5%; of mv (-20 to +210 °C ) ± 2 °C or ±2%; of mv (remaining range )
  • Backlit display
  • Includes belt holder and factory calibration certificate
  • Also available as a set with the core thermometer testo 106

testo 845: Infrared Thermometer, switchable optics

testo 845: Infrared Thermometer, switchable optics
  • Switch optics for measurement at far distances and close focus.
  • Cross laser marking showing the true measurement area.
  • Measuring range
    –35 °C to +950 °C.
  • Reference accuracy up to
    +/- 0.75 °C (Scanning 100 ms).
  • Integrated humidity module for measuring indoor air humidity and determining the dewpoint distance & surface humidity.
  • Probe input for thermocouple probes

testo 826: Infrared Thermometer with Probe

testo 826: Infrared Thermometer with Probe
  • Infrared thermometer with laser marking & penetration probe. Ideal for measurements in the food sector.
  • 1 point laser sighting, alarm function, incl. TopSafe, wall/belt holder, probe protection cap and frozen food drill.
  • Accurate measurements
    Control of limit values
    Optical & audible alarm
  • Combined instrument with infrared and penetration measurement

testo 104-IR: Food Safety Thermometer

testo 104-IR: Food Safety Thermometer
  • Waterproof infrared food safety thermometer for quick & reliable temperature food safety checks
  • Ideal for use in the food sector, restaurants and the retail industry.
  • Fits in any jacket pocket thanks to its folding mechanism
  • Integrated probe and infrared laser
  • Durable and practical: rugged folding joint, waterproof housing (IP65), HACCP / EN 13485 compliant

testo 805 Mini IR Thermometer
testo 805 Mini IR Thermometer, TopSafe
testo 805 Mini IR Thermometer, preventative maintenance
testo 104 IR Food Safety Thermometer
testo 104IR: Food Safety Thermometer
testo 830: IR temperature checks
testo 830-T4: IR thermometer with surface probes

Infrared thermometers for the food processing sector

Our HACCP-compliant infrared thermometers are particularly used in incoming goods to scan the surface temperature of individual products or entire goods pallets without contact.

The EN 13485 certified and HACCP-compliant range of infrared thermometers offers everything you need in the food processing sector: quick temperature scans using infrared measurement and even optional integrated penetration measurements for extra reliability.

Our instruments are waterproof in accordance with IP65, have accurate 1- or 2-point laser with up to 30:1 optics.

IR Thermometer for food testing
Infrared Thermometer: HACCP application
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Infrared thermometers for trade & industry

The testo 830 is an infrared thermometer that can be used universally for the non-contact measurement of surface temperatures in trade and industry.

It offers accurate lenses and laser spot marking for exact measurements, even at greater distances. It also features two configurable alarm limit values and a minimum and maximum function.


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