Define Instruments ICC-402 controller/ logger, programmable, DIN-rail
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The Define Instruments ICC-402 is a modular, fully programmable system with PLC-like features and operation. It allows modules to be combined in a flexible I/O configuration with extensive logging capability. Various screen/MMI options allow the user interface to be tailored to the application.

With ethernet and serial connectivity, the ICC-402 is an ideal data acquisition device for industry. Data stored on the SD card allows process data to be exported directly to CSV files.

Its main advantages are the large variety of dedicated input cards:

  • AC current,
  • proximity switches,
  • pulse encoder,
  • potentiometer and
  • magneto-restrictive inputs,
  • pH,
  • direct differential pressures(tranducers on board),
  • DC process signals in 4-20mA/0-60V,
  • RTD,
  • Thermocouples and
  • strain gauge for loadcells.

 This controller comes in a DIN rail mount case: 101 x 35 x 119.5mm (H x W x D)

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The basic ICC-402 CPU module has a serial RS232/485 port, 3 digital inputs and on-board 256KB memory to hold the operational program, expandable if data logging is required to 3072kb or with an SD card module to 1Gb (see options below for memory upgrades). Memory expansion automatically includes a real-time clock for logging.

The controller can be expanded to provide up to -

  • 12 analog input and 4 analog output channels
  • 58 digital inputs and 60 digital outputs
  • 3 additional communication ports ( Ethernet, RS232/RS485, Modbus)

The ICC-402 allows programming at a Macro level to provide user-friendly displays and PLC like functionality.

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