testo 875-1 Thermal Imager
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Reliable and high resolution instrument. For daily use.

  • Temperature range: -20 °C to 100 °C / 0 °to +280 °C (switchable)
  • Good image quality due to NETD < 80 mK
  • Super Resolution*: 320 x 240px
  • High quality standard lens (32° x 23°)
  • Automatic Hot/Cold Spot Recognition

*Super Resolution is the resolution at which you can download the thermal image to your PC

testo thermal imagers for precise analysis and reliable documentation

Detect production inconsistencies before downtime occurs

Inconsistencies in production processes often result in costly downtime. Defective components, such as in switch cabinets, can cause fires.

With the new thermal imagers from testo, materials are tested and problems identified before malfunctions or fire risks occur.

  • Extreme accuracy: Even the smallest temperature differences can be identified with the high temperature resolution of the testo thermal imagers.
  • Exchangeable lenses: Ensures that the right image section is always visible in the imager display.
    Optional integrated digital camera: Facilitates easy documentation.
  • Automatic hot/cold spot recognition: Marks critical temperature conditions & ensures uninterrupted error localization on site.
  • Professional PC Software: Multiple-page thermography reports can be created quickly and easily. (Now with NEW analysis function for Image Overlay: TwinPix)
  • Optional Soft-Case: Allows you to carry your testo thermal imager securely with you during the inspection route using a practical shoulder strap to keep your hands free

testo 875-1 thermal imager for electrical maintenance work

In low, middle and high-voltage systems, thermographic images assist in detecting defective components.

The testo 875-1 thermal imager offers integrated measurement site management for the structuring of inspection routes. In addition to the infrared recording, a real image of the measurement site can be recorded with the optional integrated digital camera.

Preventative mechanical maintenance

A reliable early recognition of developing damage to process-relevant system components is important in order to guarantee high security and reliability of the machines. A high level of heat emissions may indicate an elevated level of stress for individual components, especially for mechanical components.

Critical heat statuses can be identified directly in the instrument using the isotherm function and preventative measures taken.

Infrared image output 
Detector typeFPA 160 x 120 pixels, a.Si
Thermal sensitivity (NETD)< 80 mK at 30 °C
Field of view/min. focus distance32° x 23° / 0.1 m (standard lens),
Geometric resolution (IFOV)3.3 mrad (standard lens)
Image refresh rate9 Hz
Spectral range8 to 14 µm
Image presentation 
Image display3.5” LCD with 320 x 240 pixels
Display optionsonly IR image
Video outputUSB 2.0
Colour palettes10 options (iron, rainbow, rainbow HC, warm/hot,
blue/red, grey, greyscale, sepia, Testo, iron HT)
Temperature range-20 °C to +100 °C/
0 °C to +280 °C (switchable)
Accuracy±2 °C, ±2 % of mv (-20 °C to +280 °C)
Minimum diameter measurement point10 mm at 1 m (standard lens)
Setting emissivity0.01 to 1
Reflected temperature compensationmanual
Imager equipment 
Standard lens (32° x 23°)Yes
Telephoto lens (9° x 7°)-
Laser measuring spot marking-
Display of surface moisture distribution-
Measuring functionsCentre point
Hot/Cold Spot Recognition
Image storage 
File format.bmt; export options in .bmp, .jpg, .csv
Data storage device2 GB SD card (approx. 1000 images)
Power supply 
Battery typeFast-charging, Li-ion battery can be changed on site
Operating time4 hours
Charging optionsIn instrument/in charging station (optional)
Mains operationYes
Ambient conditions 
Operating temperature range-15 °C to +40 °C
Storage temperature range-30 °C to +60 °C
Air humidity20 % to 80 % not condensing
Protection class of housingIP54
Vibration (IEC 68-2-6)2G
Physical features 
Weightapprox. 900 g
Dimensions (L x W x H)152 x 108 x 262 mm
Tripod mountingYes
PC software 
System requirementsWindows XP (Service Pack 2), Windows Vista, USB 2.0 interface

testo's thermal imagers: testo 875 & testo 881, an introduction


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