testo 876 Thermal Imager (camcorder design)
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Look into awkward places/ around the corner: Turn the display of this camcorder-designed thermal imager by testo:

  • fold-out, rotatable display
  • high image quality due to NETD < 80 mK
  • Exchangeable lenses
  • Integrated digital camera
  • Lens protection glass
  • Voice recording with the practical headset
  • Min/Max on Area calculation
  • Fold-out, rotatable display
    Get a clear view in any position when thermographing
  • High image quality due to NETD < 80 mK
    Even the smallest temperature differences are visible!
  • Exchangeable lenses
    A wide-angle and a telephoto lens allow you the adaptation to the very different sizes and distances of measurement objects.
  • Integrated digital camera
    Store a real image of every measurement site parallel to the infrared image.
  • Voice recording with the practical headset
    With the integrated voice recording, you can comment any infrared image directly during the application. This valuable information is stored together with the thermal image.
  • Min/Max on Area calculation
    The minimum and maximum values of an image section can be determined live directly on site and at a glance.
Infrared image output 
Detector typeFPA 160 x 120 pixels, a.Si
Thermal sensitivity (NETD)< 80 mK at 30 °C
Geometric resolution (IFOV)3.3 mrad (standard lens),
1.0 mrad (telephoto lens)
Image refresh rate9 Hz
Focusmanual and motor focus
Spectral range8 to 14 µm
Image size / min. focusing distance640 x 480 pixels / 0.4 m
Image presentation 
Image display3.5” Fold-out LCD with 320 x 240 pixels
Display optionsIR image only / real image only/ IR and real image
Video outputUSB 2.0
Colour palettes4 options:
iron, rainbow, blue-red, shades of grey
Temperature range-20 °C to 100 °C / 0 °to +280 °C (switchable)
Accuracy±2 °C, ±2% of m. v.. (-20 °C to +280 °C)
High Temperature measurement optional+350 °C to +550 °C
Emissivity / re?ected
temperature compensation
0.01 to 1 / manual
Imager equipment 
Digital camerayes
Motor focusyes
Standard lens (32° x 23°)yes
Telephoto lens (9° x 7°)optional
Voice recordingyes
Display of surface moisture distributionyes using manual input
Measuring functions 
Measurementstandard measurement (1-point)
Hot/Cold Spot Recognitionyes
Min-/Max on Areayes
Image storage 
File format.bmt; export options in .bmp, .jpg, .png, .csv, .xls
Storage deviceSD card 2 GB (approx. 1,000 images)
Power supply 
Battery typefast-charging, Li-ion battery can be changed on-site
Operating timeapprox. 4 hours
Charging optionsin instrument or optionally in charger, with car charging adapter
Mains operationyes
Ambient conditions 
Operating temperature range-15 °C to 40 °C
Storage temperature range-30 °C to 60 °C
Air humidity20% to 80% non-condensing
Protection class of housingIP 54
Vibration (IEC 68-2-6)2G
Physical features 
Weightapprox. 900 g
Dimensions (L x W x H)approx. 210 x 85 x 97
Tripod mountingyes
PC software 
System requirementsWindows XP (Service Pack 2), Windows Vista, Windows 7,
interface USB 2.0

testo 876 - the thermal camcorder

testo's third generation of thermal imagers: testo 876 & testo 882

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