Compressed Air Heaters
Elmess: Compressed Air Heaters
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Elmess Compressed Air Heaters: for operating pressures over 0.5 bar, also called flow heaters are used for heating liquids and gases.

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The heating coils with integrated electrical heating elements, flange frame or fixing plate as well as casing for electrical connections are laid out and assembled according to the customer's specifications and operating manual.

Materials are made of steel or stainless steel according to customer's instructions.

A higher thermal efficiency is attained using a specific surface load (pa), which is optimally adjusted to the operating conditions.

The temperature monitoring for protecting the heater and maintaining of the temperature classification is achieved using temperature sensors, which are located on the heating elements and electromechanical or electronic switches or monitoring devices. Usually flow monitoring is required for safe operation.

Typical applications:

  • Oil heating (lube oil, fuel oil, thermal oil)
  • Water heating (industrial heating systems)
  • Air heating (pressurized air, burner air, drying technology)
  • Gas heating (natural gas, process gases, technical gases)
  • Environmental technology (exhaust air cleaning, catalytic after burning)
  • Steam generator, steam super heater (industrial process technology)
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