HSSD - Silicone Side Drum Heater
HSSD - Silicone Side Drum Heater
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The ideal solution for heating products contained in steel drums:

Applying heat evenly to the product eliminates hot spots thus preventing damage to more sensitive materials such as sugars and glucose

  • Circumference: 125/ 180mm - 800/ 1665mm
  • Thermostat limit: 120ºC
  • Nominal Power (240v): 300-1500W


Rating: 110 or 230 Volts Temp. Control: 0 to 120°C

Effective and simple the silicone side heater gives exceptional performance incorporating a 0-120°C capillary thermostat or 0-180°C electronic thermostat that delivers precise and even heating from accurately positioned PTFE coated, multi-stranded resistance wires.
These wires are laid widthways throughout the heater giving superior flexibility while negating the physical stress caused by thermal expansion during operation. A simple fixing arrangement via a hook and spring provides swift and easy installation.

Advantages of HSSD Container Heaters

The silicone side heater reduces the viscosity of materials such as soaps, fats, foodstuffs, varnishes and chemicals allowing them to be pumped or poured with ease.

  • Silicon Rubber Insulation
  • Class II Double Insulation
  • ?IP40 Protection
  • 0 to 180°C Electronic Thermostat
  • High Temperature Tolerance
  • Standard Sizes; 25L, 50L, 105L - and 200L
  • Simple Spring and Catch Assembly
  • 2 Meter Power Cable
  • Moisture and Chemical Resistant

Power rating: 230Vac 110Vac on request

Temperature Control: 0-120°C or 0-180°CHSSD Drum Heater - Control