Thermosafe Induction Drum Heater
Thermosafe Induction Drum Heater
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The Thermosafe uses a single induction coil to directly heat the wall of steel drums and containers by an alternating magnetic field. This means there is no heat transfer by conventional and inefficient radiant elements. As there are no hot elements, the heater remains cooler than the drum being heated. No long term service or maintenance is required.

The Thermosafe Induction Drum Heater has/ is:

  • A fast and efficient way of heating drums up to 210 litres
  • A proven lower cost alternative to multi-drum ovens
  • suitable for use in hazardous areas (zone 1 and 2),
    certified for both ATEX and IECEx standards


Simple Principle:

Thermosafe: Induction Heater Animation

The Thermosafe is a single induction coil, wholly encapsulated in a cylinder made from a glass reinforced resin to directly heat the wall of steel drums and containers by an alternating magnetic field.

The cylinder is simply placed over the drum. Contact is not required.
This means there is no heat transfer by conventional and inefficient radiant elements.

As there are no hot elements, the heater remains substantially cooler than the drum being heated.


Steel Drum Heater: Thermosafe
Prevent hotspots & product degradation by uniform induction drum heating
Thermosafe Induction Drum Heater


The complete absence of hot elements and the encapsulation of all electrical components enables unattended use, overnight if required (used in hazardous areas Zone 1 and 2)
Uniform heating without hot spots reduces the risk of product degradation. Accidental spillage does not present a fire hazard and personnel can work comfortably in close proximity.


The low system temperature and lack of heat transfer contribute to the high efficiency of the induction heater. Power usage is extremely low at only 2.25kW. Figures indicate of energy savings of over 50% compared with conventional radiant drum heater.


By using the entire drum wall input energy, the fastest practical heating rate can be achieved without product degradation. Typically, Thermosafe has proven to be 2-4 times faster than ovens.


Thermosafe: Ingress protection IP66 - ideal for use in clean environments
Induction Steel Drum Heaters - waterproof
Thermosafe induction heater thermostat: Simple on-off device

With ingress protection IP66, simple smooth surfaces and no moving parts, induction heaters are ideal for use in clean environments.
They can even be hosed down during use


With no heating elements and no moving parts, experience so far (since 1985) suggests a seemingly unlimited life, with literally no maintenance


Thermosafe heats by induction and therefore has no heating elements. The maximum temperature is self-limiting, and the drum wall temperature is governed by the material inside the drum. In the vast majority of applications additional control is not required.

Flexibility: Single or Multi-Drum 'Oven' Applications

Induction Drum Heaters: Alternative to Drum Ovens
Multi induction drum heating application
Induction Drum Heaters: Multi-oven application

In addition to being operated at point-of-use and integrated into the process, the heaters are used extensively as replacement for, and alternatives to, drum ovens.

A key point to note is that far fewer individual heaters are required than the drum capacity of an oven.

For example, one particular award-winning installation of 3 Thermosafe induction drum heaters heats 20 drums per day. The ease at which capacity can be adjusted, to meet varying throughput demands and the varying heating requirements of different materials, is in stark contrast to the fixed facility of an oven.

Multi-purpose induction drum heater

The industion heater's unique features enable the same piece of equipment to be used in a wide range of applications to heat drums and a variety of other metal items, including gas bottles, small-scale reactors and process vessels.

Complete access to the drum while heating enables pumps and stirrers to be employed. The drum and heater can be integrated into the system, often eliminating the first process vessel & continuous feeding of material, at regulated temperature and flow rate, can easily be achieved.

Re-working and sampling of solidified or suspect material, even if heat sensitive, is a common task for Thermosafe induction drum heaters. The lack of contact with the drum surface makes this possible even when the material is in its final packing.

Uniform heating and instant response makes the heater ideal for removing residues from drums, significantly reducing wastage. With full drums, these same features enable very rapid removal of solid drum contents by melting the outer layer of material.

Induction Process Heater: Ensure optimum flow rate
Thermosafe: Heat materials in final packaging
Enable pumps & stirrers to be employed whilst heating
Uniform heating & instant response: Thermosafe


Since 1985, Thermosafe heaters have been supplied to more than 40 countries - now available for Africa via unitemp. With no heating elements and no moving parts, experience so far suggests a seemingly unlimited life, with literally no maintenance.

Easy handling

Thermosafe is simply and encapsulated induction coil. Both ends of the cylinder are open, allowing the heater to be lowered over the drum or vessel. Alternatively, the drum can be lowered into the heater. However, as the Thermosafe weighs less than 50kg, this is unlikely to be the most convenient arrangement.

Top, bottom or side flanges may be used to attach handling equioment, if preferred to manual lifting. A range of dedicated products is available but many standard forms of handling devices are suitable.

Single phase 240V, 50Hz a.c.
Current/ power consumption
(note inductive power factor)
Switch-on: 21A, 2 750W
Running: 16A, 2 250W
Overall diameter743 mm
Internal diameter613 mm
Height711 mm
Weight48 kg
Degree of enclosure protectionIP 66 (complete protection from the ingress of dust
and protection against powerful jets of water)
Hazardous Area certificationATEX and IECEx standards

Class II Appliance

Hazardous Area Certification: Electrical apparatus for potentially explosive atmospheres

BS 5501: Part I, EN 50014 - General requirements
BS 5501: Part 6, EN 50019 - Increased safety 'e'
BASEEFA Certification No Ex86B3044X EExe II 170°C (T3) (Zones I and 2)
BS 2754: 1976 & to relevant parts of BS 3456: Part 101: 1978

Rigid Top Hat
Soft Top Hat
Thermosafe Lifting Frame
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