Thermon SafeTrace BTS: Steam Tracer
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SafeTrace BTS is a metallic tracer tube covered with a special high temperature polymer jacket.


  • Significantly reduces risk of burns
  • Superior corrosion resistance to most acids and alkalis
  • Lower installed cost—long length coils reduce the number of tube fittings and lower maintenance costs
  • Simple tape-on installation
  • Quick delivery
  • Free design assistance

Typical BTS Cross Section


BTS Product Specifications


  1. Copper or Stainless Steel Tube
  2. Safety Yellow Polymer Jacket


* Copper tubing meets ASTM Std B68-B75. Stainless steel tubing meets ASTM Std A269. **All tracer tubes are available in 0.049" wall thickness; contact Thermon.

The SafeTrace BTS jacket provides a measure of personnel burn protection without sacrificing thermal performance when compared to bare metal tube tracers installed on a pipe.

SafeTrace BTS tracers utilize a safety yellow identification jacket to signify materials inherently dangerous such as steam per ASME/ANSI A13.1-1996.

SafeTrace BTS is supplied in long length coils and may be installed anywhere bare tracing is specified.

Typical Steam Tracing System using SafeTrace BTS:

Typical Steam Tracing System (BTS)

Related Materials

Connections between the steam and condensate headers and the SafeTrace BTS may be accomplished with ThermoTube preinsulated tubing. ThermoTube is available in a variety of configurations to meet the requirements of most applications. For information on ThermoTube preinsulated tubing, refer to our related product section.

Available tube diameters

3/8” & 1/2”
and 10 mm & 12 mm
Available tube materialscopper & stainless steel
Typical pipe temperature range38°C to 121°C
Max. exposure temperature215°C
Min. installation temperature-40°C
Max. recommended steam pressure17 bar
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