Thermon BD: Mica Band Heaters - inside out
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12 months warranty: unitemp heating elementsOur custom-manufactured "inside-out" mica band heaters are typically used on plastic pipe extruders.

Typical process temperatures >280° can be achieved,
Watts density of 3.5 W/cm².

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Band Heaters:
Heater Bands are primarily used on injection moulding and extrusion machines in the plastic industry.Other applications include packaging machines and general heating of containers, pipes. A distinctive feature of these elements is even heat distribution over a large surface area. Construction consists of heating wire, insulated with either Mica-plates or ceramic formers. The elements are usually metal shrouded for mechanical strength.
Mica Insulation:
Mica insulation offers thin construction (4mm), maximum Watts density of 3.5 W/cm² and operation up to 380°C. For process temperatures in excess of 280°, ceramic insulation is preferred.

Ceramic Insulation:

Ceramic elements are thicker in construction (12mm) but offer a Watts density of 5.5 W/cm² and operating temperature up to 600°C. Generally ceramic elements are more durable than mica elements, thus offsetting the higher price with a longer life expectancy.

Application example: Heating Elements + Control Components on Plastic Blow Moulding Machines

unitemp: Heating, Sensing, Control Solutions

The purpose of a temperature control loop is to maintain the process temperature accurately at a determined level. A control loop typically consists of

All parts in the control loop are essential and need to be selected, installed and set up correctly. 

We supply both replacement components as well as engineered turnkey solutions to match your specific requirements.

For more information and to get a quote for the components illustrated in this control loop, please follow the links on top of the product images.

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