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The EcoBand is a specialized insulating blanket that allows maximum insulation and minimal energy consumption.EcoBand12 months warranty: unitemp heating elements

It can be made to suit any type of band heater with at least a 35 mm clearance around the actual band.

It can then either be retrofitted on an existing band heater, or be included in combination with a band heater.


Specify your requirements & send us an enquiry below.

The EcoBand works best on barrels that only require heating and no additional cooling or ventilation is installed. Please confirm that your machine fits this requirement.
The EcoBand requires a clearance of 35mm around the band - do you have enough space?
If you are using unitemp manufactured band heaters, please provide us with the drawing numbers (divided by comma).
Specifications for band heaters from other manufacturer
Please provide us with the following details on the band heaters installed on your plastics processing machine.
Please measure the diameter from the outside of the barrel. Note: A minimum diameter of 70mm is required and the band heater should not be narrower than 30mm.
Please measure the diameter from the outside of the band heater. Note: A minimum diameter of 70mm is required and the band heater should not be narrower than 30mm.
Please specify the quantities of cut outs for terminations & specify their clock position (e.g. 12, 1, 2, 3...)
Allowed file extensions: gif, jpg, png, bmp, tif, pdf, zip. File size: >800KB
  • Safer working environment.
    By reducing the outside temperature of the band heater by 50-60% it eases maintenance duties around the machine and creates a cooler environment for the worker
  • Improved start-up time.
    Energy that was lost due to convection is now used to heat the desired application. Higher concentration of heat available for heating the targeted source thus reducing the start-up time.
  • Increased service-life.
    By reducing the band heater's losses, the efficiency is increased and the work-load is reduced therefore prolonging the life-span of the band heater.
  • Reduced energy consumption. Increased efficiency results in a decrease in energy consumption.
    (15 - 25% reduction in kW/Hr usage)

Application example: Heating Elements + Control Components on Plastic Blow Moulding Machines

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The purpose of a temperature control loop is to maintain the process temperature accurately at a determined level. A control loop typically consists of

All parts in the control loop are essential and need to be selected, installed and set up correctly. 

We supply both replacement components as well as engineered turnkey solutions to match your specific requirements.

For more information and to get a quote for the components illustrated in this control loop, please follow the links on top of the product images.

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