Standard Rod Elements (Red Heat)
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Rod elements are widely used in industry for convection heating, conduction heating and also for radiation heating.

Rod elements are versatile because they can be bent into any shape, operate at high temperatures (up to 650°C) and can be immersed into liquids. The robust metal sheathed construction ensures safety (electrical insulation) and protection against moisture and dirt.



  • Duct heaters (air conditioning)
  • Hot-air systems
  • Convection ovens
  • Drying sheds
  • Shrink tunnels
  • Roasting of food (meat, nuts…)
  • Smoking of food
  • Curing of paint, ink or varnishes
  • Defrosting
  • Sealing bars
  • Tools and dies
  • Melting

The rod element consists of a heating coil, imbedded in compacted MgO-powder and protected by an outer metal sheath. An unheated zone on either end prevents overheating of the termination and the exposed part of the rod.


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