Flanged Immersion Heater, increased safety, Ex-e
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Ex-e certified Flanged Heater

Immersion heaters for medium oil heating in hazardous areas

  • ATEX II 2 G - EEx de II C T1 - T6 certified for ambient temperature
    -50°C +40°C (+60°C with a longer stand off)
  • Stand off stainless steel or powder coated carbon steel terminal enclosure
  • Flanges to suit client application
  •  High quality alloy sheathed elements
  • Watts density to suit process
  • Feasible output up to 1.5MW
  • Certified to Ex-e requirements
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Design Specifications
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Please indicate inlet and outlet positions on drawing. Provide as much information as possible in the forms sections below to speed-up quotation & manufacturing processes.

Note : Also standardized ranges with Watts density :


  • 1.2 W/sq.cm for heavy oils (range from 4,5 up to 120 kW)
  • 2.3 W/sq.cm for medium oils (range from 6 up to 180 kW)
  • 3.9 W/sq.cm for light oils, etylene glycol, ... (range from 12 up to 360 kW)

On request:

  • Standard design on 14” and 16” flanges (output up to 297 kW)
  • 300 to 2500 Ib ANSI flanges
  • Stainless steel terminal enclosure

Options :

  • Safety thermostat with automatic or manual reset
  • Pt 100 safety sensor
  • Thermocouple for skin temperature safety
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