Define Instruments WM-CTR: Rate Batching Controller, wall mountable
Define Instruments WM-CTR: Rate Batching Controller, wall mountable
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This controller is suited to a wide variety of rate monitoring and batching applications. It comes in a convenient, wall mountable enclosure for hasslefree installation.

  •  5 buttons, 4 status LED’s
  • High-res LCD display with green backlight, 32 digits
  • Transparent dust cover (not shown in image)
  • IP65 dust and splash-proof
  • Wall mountable case
    185 x 235 x 119mm (H x W x D)
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Texmate WM-CTR counter/ batching controllerTexmate WM-CTR Counter/ Rate Batching Controller feature:

  • AC (0-30V) or DC (0-24V) input signal
  • Quadrature (x1, x2, x4), NPN, PNP or TTL sensors
  • Input signal averaging on the rate
  • Ready-to-hang display case, no panel cutouts required
  • Dual alphanumeric LCD display rows
  • Simple, intuitive interface with scrolling text prompts
  • Variety of advanced features, including: batching, batch count modification, user programmable input functions, setpoint tracking, setpoint latching and startup inhibit
  • Security PIN protected setup

Input signal

0-24V DC, 0-30V AC

Sensor typesQuad (x1, x2, x4), NPN, PNP, TTL
Excitation24/5V DC (50/200mA max)
Noise filtering20kHz, off

Pulse width

Must be > 5?s

Relay outputsTypically 3ppm/°C
Relay outputs8 x 5A form A
- Optional -
Analog outputIsolated 16-bit 4-20 mA or 0-10V output
Serial portFront panel isolated RS232/485
Input frequency20kHz max
Sampling rate100msec
Temp driftTypically 2ppm/°C
Input frequency10kHz (Quad x4, A, B),
20kHz (Quad x1, x2),
38kHz (C)
Sampling rate10msec
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