Define Instruments SC-CTR: Counter, Rate Controller
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The SC range offers a variety of input options and a selection of built in relay, serial and analogue output combinations to suit virtually any application.These compact controllers feature a built in 2 x 8-digit LCD display, and are hassle free to install, with an easy snap on clip for a 35mm DIN rail.

  • 0/4-20mA input (3 independent hardware counters)
  • NPN, PNP, TTL or quadrature (x1, x2, x4) sensors
  • Dual relay outputs
  • Signal averaging on the rate
  • Variety of applications, including pulse, distance, length and difference
  • Factory precalibrated to suit either a 0-20mA or a 4-20mA input
  • Dual display rows with customisable display sources
  • Simple, intuitive interface with scrolling text prompts
  • Security PIN protected setup and setpoint access
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