Gefran 550: Quartz Timer, Counter
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  • Input from mechanical contact or Open Collector
  • Start/Stop and Reset inputs from mechanical contact or AC voltage
  • Configurable as Timer or Counter
  • Five time bases, 1msec resolution
  • Five ranges of counter prescaler
  • Quartz timer
The catalogues of timers and counters are often packed with different models and versions: the 550 offers one model for every application.
By limiting the number of faceplate keys to those strictly necessary, there is a larger space for the display.
The miniaturisation achieved with SMT reduces the dimensions and increases the reliability.
The microprocessor enables the required performance to be selected, by means of setting only three parameters (Typ, out, in.2) by following the configuration.
There are two settings SP1 and SP2, five time bases: from hundredths of a second to hours and minutes, five prescaler ranges for the counter.

Main applications:

  • Timer
  • Double timer
  • Cyclic timer
  • Counter
  • Double counter
  • Cyclic counter
  • Revolution monitor
  • Delay timer
Inputs: 2 inputs (IN1, IN2) with start/ stop or reset function of the timer or counter, and counter input for frequencies up to 100Hz.
From voltage free contacts, open cellector (24Vdc/1mA) or in Vac (at the same voltage as the instrument supply)
IN2:Available only if IN1 is not in VAC, for voltage free contact or open collector (24Vdc/1mA), active either when closed or when open.
5A/250Vac at cos?= 1 (3.5A at cos?=0.4)
Spark suppression on the NO contact
Power supply:
110/220 Vac/dc ± 10%
120/240Vac ± 10%
24/48Vac ± 10%
24Vdc ± 10%
50/60Hz;5VA max.
Working temperature:0 to 50ºC
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