Fly Ash Hopper Heaters
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Fly Ash Hopper HeaterFly ash hoppers on electrostatic precipitators experience pluggage problems due to flue gas condensation. Evacuation is made easier if the ash is hot.

The sulphurs in the coal carried over with the fly ash combine with moisture to form sulphuric acid, which attacks the hopper walls from the inside. Poor heating systems lead to hoppers that are paper thin and mechanically suspect. Replacing hoppers is very costly.

Our hopper heaters are designed to keep the ash dry and free flowing.

Hopper Heaters by unitemp

Rectangular, square or trapezoidal designs available. Please specify your requirements below.

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Design Specifications
When trapezoidal modules are needed, a sketch of the heater should be provided.

The one-piece design embodies the heating strip, thermal insulation and pressure backing.
All series connections are done in the junction box, making it easy to do troubleshooting.

Fly ash hoppers
Fly ash hoppers applications
Hopper Heater


Hopper Heaters - schematic design: Rectangular, square or trapezoidal

  1. Aluminium mounting pan
  2. Rigid aluminium angle frame
  3. Moistureproof glass cloth outher layer
  4. Multi-layer electrical insulation
  5. Flat foil heating element
  6. Waterproof cold lead
  7. Cushion-like heater face for intimate heater to hopper contact
  8. Thermal insualtion

Individual hopper heater modules form part of an overall hopper heating ystem. When ordering spares or replacements,
the following should be specified:

  • heater type
  • length
  • width
  • watts
  • volts
  • lead exit point
  • lead length
  • whether conduit connector is required

When trapezoidal modules are needed, a sketch of the heater should be provided.


  • Robust, flexible, cushion like heater face that provides maximum heat transfer to the hopper surface - even when the hopper surface is irregular.
  • Low watt density design with flat foil heating elements for efficient heat transfer, low operating temperatures and
    increased heater life.
  • Multiple parallel path circuitry design for increased
    heater reliability and increased design flexibility.

  • Custom designing allows for heating systems to be used on voltages up to 600 volts with minimal series connections
  • Lightweight, easily handled unit that simplifies installation and minimizes installation costs.
  • Protection of the heating element from vibration is achieved with a cushion layer of insulation that also directs the flow of heat from the module to the surface being heated.


  • Maximum Watt density: 3230W/sq meter
  • Maximum maintenance temperature: 315°C
  • Maximum continuous exposure temperature (power off): 454°C
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