Thermon ThermaSeam: Tank Insulation System
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for temperature conservation or condensate prevention. 

Prefabricated vertical seam insulation panels for tanks >3m diam. 

-37 to 315°C max. maintenance temperature.

ThermaSeam dramatically improves the durability, life expectancy & appearance of a tank insulation system.

The ThermaSeam tank insulation systemis an ideal method for providing temperature conservation and condensate prevention. Tanks insulated using this system commonly contain petroleums, chemicals, asphalt, anhydrous ammonia, beverages & chilled water (for HVAC storage).

Tank Insulation: Vertical standing seam panel
Thermon ThermaSeam tank insulation
Tank insulation: Temperature maintenance and condensation prevention

ThermaSeam tank insulation systems are: Durable, maintenance-free & cost-effective

This tank insulation system is unique in that scaffolding is not normally required for installation.
A work cage attached to a nozzle or painter’s lug permits the installer to travel around the tank with the seamer.

ThermaSeam tank insulation - installed
Thermon ThermaSeam installed radially on tank roof
ThermaSeam tank insulation: Protrusions are tightly sealed

ThermaSeam panels installed radially on a tank roof provide a weatherproof surface. Protrusions are tightly fitted and sealed.

The strength and durability of the system is derived from machine-formed, double-locking standing seams between adjacent panels. These seams provide a weatherproof barrier that extend the entire height of the tank and serve as the attachment point for securing the panels to the tank.

ThermaSeam manufacturing
Double-locking standard seam
Thermon ThermaSeam tank insulation

Stainless steel retaining clips captured in the machine-formed seam are secured to steel cables wrapped around the perimeter of the tank. External banding, a traditional weak spot in the tank insulation process, is eliminated.

An aluminum outer jacket is bonded to foil-faced polyisocyanurate insulation to form a laminated ThermaSeam panel (other metal jacket/insulation combinations are available).

These panels extend vertically the full height of a tank sidewall and are also utilized on a tank roof. Protrusions from the insulation, such as manways, nozzles and stair brackets, are tightly fitted and sealed.

Where ground water or product wicking is a problem, foamglass insulation can be installed at the base of the tank.

Thermon ThermaSeam installation
Thermon ThermaSeam tank insulation
tank insulation: ThermaSeam

Tank insulation panel

  • Panel width: 61cm
  • Panel height: Based on tank height
  • Panel anchor cable: 6.4 mm dia. steel
  • Panel retaining clip: 9.5 mm x 0.38 mm stainless steel
  • Available insulation materials/temperature ranges
    Polyisocyanurate: -73°C to 121°C
    Fiberglass: -51°C to 454°C
    Mineral wool: (-51°C to 649°C)
    Composite based on combination
  • Insulation k factors¹
    Polyisocyanurate: 0.027 w/m•°C)
    Fiberglass: 0.035 w/m °C)
    Mineral wool: 0.043 w/m °C)
    Composite based on combination
  • Available insulation thicknesses: 25 to 100 mm
  • Available metal jacket materials²/ thicknesses:
    Aluminum: 0.61 mm
    Stainless steel: 0.41 mm
    Coated steel: 0.61 mm

¹ Mean temperature for k factor is 37.8°C
² Metal jacket is available in a variety of colors; contact us.


ConstructionThermaSeam Tank Insulation panels

  1. Tank Shell
  2. Anchor Cable
  3. Retaining Clip
  4. Thermal Insulation
  5. Metal Jacket
  6. Machine-Formed, Double-Locking Standing Seam


ThermaSeam panels are held in place against the tank with
stainless steel retaining clips (captured in the machine-formed
seam) secured to steel anchor cables wrapped around the perimeter
of the tank.

External banding, a traditional weak spot in the tank insulation process, is eliminated.

Stickpins temporarily hold the steel cables in place prior to tightening the turnbuckles.

ThermaSeam tank insulation panel installation


Stainless steel turnbuckles and two double-crimped ferrules at each cable end apply the necessary tension required to support the ThermaSeam panels.

ThermaSeam retaining clips

Stainless steel retaining clips are looped around the anchor cable and folded over the edge of the panel.

The machine-formed seam locks the panels and retaining clips together snugly against the tank.

Climber basket and laminated ThermaSeam panels eliminate the need for scaffolding in most applications.
(see illustration to the right)

Thermon ThermaSeam installation
Thermon ThermaSeam installation
tank insulation: ThermaSeam
Thermon ThermaSeam installation
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