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e.g. software, connectors, cables etc.
Note: 1) An evaluation fee of R180 for small hand held instruments and R 280 for all other equipment applies, irrespective whether the item is faulty, repairable or not. 2) The customer is responsible for the handling/ freighting costs to and from the OEM. Handling fees shall be waived, if a repair is approved to be a warranty claim (provided it is in original packaging). 3) Items to be credited/ refunded must be in perfect physical condition, fully functional, and returned with all ancillary devices. 4) Please note that all repairs are payable by bank transfer before repairs proceed in cases where no valid account is in place with Thermon South Africa (Pty) Ltd. 5) Thermon South Africa (Pty) Ltd. is not responsible and liable for any damage or loss of any items or parts thereof submitted by client. This applies also during transit to or from our facilities 6) Should we not have received an order number to go-ahead after 2 weeks of quoting, the item will be returned to the client and invoiced according to evaluation and delivery costs. 7) Items that are not collected after a period of 6 weeks (after repair) will be sold to defray costs. 8) Thermon South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Standard Conditions of Sale and Credit apply. A copy is available on request.
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