Gefran MK4: Contactless Linear Transducer
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Contactless magnetostrictive linear position transducer (analog output)

  • Contactless transducer for longer lifetime
  • Quick plug-in throught stainless steel connectors
  • Sliding or floating magnetic cursor
  • Direct analog output (mA/V) for displacement and speed
  • Cursor position: single or double (minimal distance 75mm)
  • Work temperature: -30...+75°C

Note: Brackets and cursors are not included and must be ordered separately (see accessories)

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MK4 are contactless transducers using magnetostriction. Transducers are fitted with a mechanical linkage using a joint which takes up play in the alignment. Advantages of contactless transducers are wear and tear free operation, a virtually unlimited lifetime, high immunity to dust, dirt and moisture and resistance to vibration or mechanical shock.

Gefran MK4A magneterostrictive contactless linear transducer

Electrical ConnectionsGefran MK4 magneterostrictive contactless linear transducer

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