Calibration Services

unitemp's calibration laboratory

SANAS accredited lab for ISO and HACCP compliant calibration ,
qualification & validation services

  • On-site calibration services offered for South Africa and neighbouring states.
  • Our qualified lab technicians use precision reference equipment with
    milli-Kelvin resolution that allows calibration of insertion probes to uncertainties as low as ±0.05°C.
  • Calibration reminder service: as an added service, free of charge,
    we send our clients a friendly annual calibration reminder.
    You will never be unprepared for an audit again!
  • The scope of parameters covered by our calibration lab is rapidly expanding!
Calibration ServicesCheck our range of calibration certificates & browse our catalogues in the accessory section for measuring instruments.Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Calibration, Qualification & Validation Services by the unitemp labs

We provide reliable calibration services with quick turnaround times. Our laboratories in Cape Town & Johannesburg use precision equipment & offer certification traceable to national standards as well as validated diagnostic services.

For more detailed information, take a look at the related sections below & request a quote for your selected qualification, validation or calibration certificates:

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Calibrations of temperature data loggers
Calibrations of humidity probes
Thermal Imager Calibrations
Calibrations of fluegas analysers






As an active member of the National Laboratory Association (NLA) and in cooperation with SANAS and TESTO we are working hard to maintain and expand a professional and internationally accredited calibration service.

Our calibration laboratory is ISO17025:2005 accredited by the South African National Accreditation Service (SANAS).

Calibration Equipment
Calibration of Digital Thermometers
Calibration of Flue Gas Analysers
Temperature Metrology Laboratory

SANAS accredited calibration certificatesSANAS accredited calibrations

In order to satisfy regulatory authorities, such as HACCP and ISO22000, it has become essential to have valid certificate data from an accredited SANAS Laboratory.

We extended this service in some parameters for on-site calibrations and to a satellite Lab in Johannesburg.

Our qualified lab technicians use precision reference equipment with milli-Kelvin resolution that allows calibration of insertion probes to uncertainties as low as ±0.05°C.

unitemp Calibration CertificatesHACCP compliant calibration

Regulations regarding health and the environment are becoming increasingly stringent.
In order to meet local and export standards it is essential that industrial instruments are calibrated,
and that valid calibration results may be traced to accepted standards such as ISO17025:2005.

Calibration, qualification and validation of industrial equipment assists greatly in improving companies' manufacturing quality.
For this reason, different rules and regulations in accordance with ISO and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) require that test equipment is managed and monitored on a regular basis. In the food industry a 12 month recalibration period is recommended by most inspectors for all temperature measuring devices.

unitemp: Validations & technical ServicesDiagnostics & Validation Services for Measuring Instruments

We also offer diagnostic checks & validation services for flue gas analysers, pH meters and
humidity measurement instruments.

Flue gas analysers, for example, play a key role in providing reliable and accurate data for the management of combustion systems and the monitoring of harmful emissions such as CO, NOx and SOx.

To prove the validity of all measurement results & to ensure the accuracy of your equipment, we have ready access to almost any other calibration parameters for our customers, via TIS partners in Germany. These are accredited to DAkkS and ISO17025.

Accredited & Validated Services: an overview

Various accredited calibration & non-accredited validation certificates on offer to suit your requirements:

SANAS (ISO 17025)
accredited calibrations

DAKKS (ISO 17025) accredited calibration

Via Testo Germany:

unitemp traceable validation services & diagnostics:





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