Process heating during colder winter months
Beat the cold: Boost your production

winter process heating solutions

Solutions for plastic injection-, blow-moulding & extrusion
Tailored to plastic injection-, blow-moulding & extrusion

Heaters, Hotrunners, Sensors & Control Solutions

Temperature sensors - manufactured to specification
Accurate temperature sensing with RTD’s & Thermocouples

Custom manufactured export quality & wide range of standards

Heaters, sensors, controllers for plastics processing
For the plastics & packaging industry

Heaters, hotrunners, sensors, control solutions.

Thermon: The Electrical & Steam Heat Tracing Specialists
External heating of pipes & tanks

The Electrical & Steam Heat Tracing Specialists

process heating solutions by Thermon
Need the heat?

Boost your winter production with our process heating solutions.

Hopper Heaters
Prevent caking and clogging

Hopper Heaters

Drum and Container Heaters
Maintain optimum viscosity

Drum and Container Heaters

Flanged Heaters
Manufacture, refurbish & repair

Flanged Immersion Heaters

Electrical Heat Tracing
Design, on-site installation, project management

Electrical Heat Tracing

Infrared Heaters
Improve drying & curing processes

Infrared Heaters

Heating. Measurement. Control - Unitemp

We manufacture heating elements, temperature sensors & develop customised heating solutions.

Thermal systems include heat tracing, flanged heaters, air & infrared heating - for many specialised industrial processes.

We supply analytical instrumentation for multiple parameters -  to industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Engineered to order

Thermal engineering, optimization & custom-designs

From trace heating & flanged heaters to elution heating systems & air heating systems for your specific application:

Our engineers are experienced industrial thermal system designs utilising various heating, temperature sensing and controlling technologies.

Case Study

Temperature maintenance for caustic lines
Water treatment: Temperature maintenance & caustic lines. When it comes to water treatment, caustic soda is needed to raise the pH of water. Temperature maintenance of caustic lines is crucial to


Heating jacket for drums 201l
High power flexible heating jacket - ideal for heating of liquids and melting of some solids.Circumference: 1950mm, height: 270 mmThermostat limit: 0º - 90ºCNominal...


SANAS, ISO and HACCP compliant
calibration,qualification & validation


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