Energy saving requirements for the plastics industry

With electricity tariffs escalating in South Africa and the global need to reduce carbon emissions, our design-engineers dedicated their efforts to the plastics processing industry & developed a product innovation that could save this industry up to R200 million annually and the country about 500 000MWatthrs per annum.


Test the energy-saving capabilities of the unitemp EcoBand in an actual plastics production environment.


The Unitemp EcoBand insulation jackets were installed on a typical blow moulding machine, as well as an open section of the barrel to reduce the heat loss of the system. All the consumption details regarding the band heaters usage before and after the installation were logged over a 72hour production period. The obtained data was then analysed to obtain the energy usage patterns.

Total amount of active power used by band heaters over 24 hours

with conventional heater bands:

Seecor Blow Moulder with convetional heater band: electricity consumption over 24 hours

with unitemp EcoBand

Seecor Blow Moulder fitted with unitemp’s EcoBand

Average energy consumption per hour:

Conventional bands       210.3 kWh /24 = 8.762 kWhr

Average energy consumption per hour:

EcoBand equipped         149.9 kWh / 24 = 6.246kWhr