Immersion Heaters: Attain optimal temperatures

Flanged Immersion Heaters

Ensure the right process temperatures are attained
& that your production operates reliably and optimally, independant of climatic temperature fluctuations

Insufficient heat to a medium, such as water or thermic oil, can result in hampered processes.

Typically in the colder months where ambient temperatures play a role, production facilities are very often affected.


Flanged Heaters Browse our immersion heating catalogues & add products of interest to your "enquiry list" or
contact us to discuss your requirements.

Using immersion elements from Thermon SA can prevent costly production problems caused by incorrect process temperatures.

Our flanged immersion heaters offer reliability and, with integrated control, will ensure the right temperatures are achieved and/ or maintained.

We offer assessment, repair and refurbishment services.

Our flanged immersion heaters are manufactured according to certified welding principles, and are pressure tested & corrosion resistant: The manufacturing is done according to certified ASME welding procedures.

Flanged Immersion Heaters, custom Flameproof, Ex-d Flange Heaters Increased Safety, Ex-e Flanged heater
Flanged Immersion Heaters Flameproof, Ex-dIncreased Safety, Ex-e

Beat the cold: Boost your production

Overcome cold & hampering ambient conditions - optimise your processes with our industrial surface & immersion heaters + measuring equipment.

Find more info on our selected winter process heating solutions
& contact us for a discussion of your specific requirements.

unitemp accreditation  ISO 9001:2008Contact Michael (011 966 9800) or Werner (021 762 8995) to discuss your immersion heating requirements or submit your request online!

Thermon SA (formerly unitemp) has over 60 years combined experience in industrial heating. With the integration of temperature sensing, monitoring and controlling instrumentation, we are able to offer complete heating solutions for any application across various industries.

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