The critical role of temperature maintenance in caustic lines

Water treatment: Temperature maintenance crucial in caustic lines

Water treatment: Temperature maintenance & caustic lines. 

When it comes to water treatment, caustic soda is needed to raise the pH of water. Temperature maintenance of caustic lines is crucial to optimise output. 

Over 60 years Thermon has gained vast experience in trace heating for water treatment applications.

We are aware that caustic sodium hydroxide (NaOH) has its challenges as it is hazardous in its dry form...
Caustic soda used in water treatment systems
Water treatment tanks and pipelines

...and, in its dissolved state, is susceptible to temperature fluctuations which cause significant changes in viscosity and has a tendency to crystallise.

Increasing caustic concentration reduces infrastructure requirements. For example, to use low concentrations of caustic, more water is required for dilution, bigger pumps and pipes are required for transfer, as well as bigger storage tanks required to deliver the volumes.

With the introduction of a simple heating design on the tanks and trace heating on the pipelines, it is easily possible to store, deliver and process with high caustic concentrations resulting in more efficient systems.

Immersion heater for hazardous tanks
Thermon trace heating for tanks
Heat tracing of pipes
Thermon heat tracing systems for tanks

Thermon is a specialist in applying heating solutions to improve process efficiencies. We have a wide range of in-house technologies, experience and on-site capabilities.

Thermon South Africa is able to offer complete industrial heating systems from the source to the final product; including custom manufactured immersion heaters/ flanged heaters, heat tracing, drum & hopper heating.

Optimal heat management requires accurate monitoring and control. As part of providing complete heating solutions, Thermon’s temperature sensor manufacturing facility caters for both standard as well as custom requirements.

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