Hopper heaters for efficient removal of ash on electrostatic precipitators


Electric surface heating systems for fly ash hoppers

Fly ash hoppers on electrostatic precipitators and, now recently baghouses, experience 'pluggage' problems due to flue gas condensation. Evacuation is made easier if the ash is hot - the primary role of the hopper heater.

The sulphurs in the coal carried over with the fly ash combine with moisture to form sulphuric acid, which attacks the hopper walls from the inside. Poor heating systems lead to hoppers that are paper thin and mechanically suspect. Replacing hoppers is very costly.

unitemp supplies electric surface heating systems for fly ash hoppers on electrostatic precipitators or baghouses, coal and material handling systems, tanks, pipes, etc. in all types of industry.

unitemp hopper heaters are designed to keep the ash dry and free flowing without the concerns of failure caused by vibrations of the hopper. Close spacing of the heating ribbon element ensures even heat distribution over the hopper surface.

Unlike a typical hopper heater, the unitemp hopper heater is a flat panel heater and is less likely to be affected by abrasion caused by vibrations. Other hopper heaters consist of MI (metal sheathed) heat tracing cable mounted on a metal grid. Resulting vibrations cause abrasion and ultimately failure. The MI cable that is used also tends to cause cold spots resulting in corrosion of hopper walls.

Custom temperature control systems can also form part of the unitemp solution, making the heating and removal of ash more effective.


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