unitemp Cape Town: Year-end-celebrations 2013

Torsten, Toni
Dieter, Elenor - unitemp Cape Town
Shaun, Paul, Garth, Spencer

The unitemp Cape Town team celebrated various achievements in 2013 with dinner and the "Blood Brothers" production at the Theatre on the Bay
in Camps Bay.

The team wishes to thank all our Western Cape
clients for their valued support during this year!

We hope to continue to provide you with many more years of excellent service.



Sharon, Hans, Shariefa, Elenor
Toni, Chris, Cindy
Biza, Sima, Bongi
Dieter Tanja Steffi
Mike, Ralph + Ulrike, Heinrich
Cheryl, Nadia. (Vivienne), Chris
(Hans), Cheryl, Vivienne, Stacy
Cheryl, Vivienne, Stacy
Toni, Cindy, Budgie
Francisco, Brett
Deidre, Loni, Nosingazi
Toni, Cindy
Hendrina, Simone, Leigh + partner
Yvette, Markus, Brett, Michele
Mooketsi, Loyiso, Taswell
Envor, David, Jean-Luc, Carl

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