unitemp Johannesburg: Year-end-celebrations 2013

Exciting times: James, Dirk, Gugulethu
unitemp Johannesburg at Gold Reef City
Good morning team Jo'burg: Giles, Andrew

Ready, steady, go,
was the motto of unitemp Johannesburg’s year end function.

The Amazing Race through the Gold Reef City Theme Park proved to be an exciting finish to an exciting year: Just like the roller coaster rides at Gold Reef City, an exhilarating 2013 saw us deliver large projects, break into new markets and welcome new clients on board.


We wish all our clients a good festive season and look forward to continuing providing excellent service in the new year.

Team unitemp Johannesburg



Team Green: Charles, Andrew, Max, Reshnie, Gugu
Karen, Riaan
Team Pink: Dave, Peter, Ulrike, Chantelle, Lydia
Team Blue: Robert, James, Mike, Chris
Shimi, Jabu
Dave & Giles
Mike, Riaan
Shimi, Dina
Mike, James, Riaan, Chris, Dave, Dirk, Max, Gugu
Reshnie, Chris
Jabu, Ernest
Robert, Michael, James, Ronelle
Karen, Ronelle
Dave & Lydia
Roller coaster ride: Andrew & Charles
Team Jo'burg's roller coaster ride
The winners: Jabu, Giles, Dina, Shimi, Ernest, Mike E, Nathaniel

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