Electronic Fuse on Gefran GFW Power Controllers

No more costly downtime due to short circuits

Gefran has developed an innovative electronic fuse function on the GFW power controllers for industrial electrical heating control applications. This guarantees fast, reliable, safe, and maintenance-free internal protection.

In many industrial processes (such as heat treatment of metals, glass flat tempering, material sintering, etc.), high-level electrical heating systems are needed. Based on the required temperatures, these systems use heating resistors with distinctive physical properties that need power controllers with very specific control algorithms.

In consideration of the electrical environment, the power controllers have to be equipped with ultra-rapid fuses to protect them against short circuits, which may occur for a number of reasons (eg. loss of insulation of the resistor, material in movement, operator error, current spikes, etc.)

The electronic fuse function on Gefran’s GFW controllers reacts to a temporary or permanent short circuiton the load and toward the ground, opening the power junction in a few microseconds, zeroing the current flow, and safely going into a waiting state.

The GFW controller operation can be reset by a push button on the front panel, by remote control via Fieldbus or can be automatic, without the presence of the operator, and with a number of attempts settable via parameter.

The main benefit is a significant reduction in downtime compared to traditional fuses which need to be manually replaced. If they need to be re-ordered, further downtime is encountered.

Reset is simple and there is unlimited protection against breaking of the junction. There is automatic reset from temporary shorts and arcs without the presence of the operator.

For further information contact Manfred Kriess.

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