unitemp sales & support performance: client rating 2011, actions 2012

A big THANK YOU to those who took the time to rate us and provide feedback on how we can be of better assistance in 2012.

We take pleasure in sharing some of the key insights with you:

89% of all participants rated our business relationship either good if not outstanding! We are delighted to learn that 89% of all participants rate our
overall business relationship as good if not outstanding

Our team will continue to keep up the good work, and address the areas for improvement.

Client feedback
"Keep it up unitemp, for the company to grow i would like to thank unitemp staff for 2011 for the support you gave (us) in Botswana…"

"Thanks to unitemp for their service of our TESTO Gas Analysers to (us) during 2011."

"…Orders don't take long. Sales department always ensure that correct product is delivered to the correct customer"

Green Flag

98% of all participants agreed that the quality and durability of our products across all our divisions ranging from industrial heating, sensing, control solutions to portable measuring instrumentation is one of the most important aspects to satisfy your requirements - majority rated our product range as "good" if not "outstanding".

Red Flag

26% of participating clients do not seem to be aware of our "SOS and SuperSOS service".
We offer priority services (manufactured in 1-3 working days) for urgent delivery of heater bands, nozzles, sensors & coils, - potentially saving you thousands in production downtime.
Speed of response, emergency support and accessibility define service excellence for you. Contact a unitemp representative for emergency & breakdown support, and request priority service.

Green Flag

Some of you asked for more frequent and insightful information that can assist you in fulfilling your job function better.
We continue to share our sucess stories, case studies & insights into industrial applications, hoping to provide you with useful information.

Red Flag

28% did not know that you can request quotes online by adding the products to your "enquiry list" and submitting to us in One Go!
This streamlined quotation process results in faster response times for custom quotes straight to your inbox. Remember that our website is always at your disposal. We strive to keep the information updated, and content fresh. Try it out and let us know how it works for you!

Winner of Surprise Hamper: Mivash H.

And finally,
congratulations to Mivash H. of Sasol Wax:
Winner of the surprise hamper in our lucky draw!

We hope you enjoy the small tokens of our appreciation.

Your unitemp sales, support & marketing teams


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