Autoclave/burn-off oven

Client requirement:

Various clients in the plastics extrusion, injection moulding & recycling industry need to burn off excess plastic material from filter screens, nozzles, hotrunner parts, spindles etc. under vacuum conditions.


  • Burn off plasticwithout damaging the process parts
  • Provide vacuum conditions to reduce the oxygen to prevent detrimental effects on carbon steels
  • Keep accurate temperatures (autoclave can also be used for curing of resins on bonded components e.g. composites like carbon fibre)
  • Make the process environmental friendly.


Our engineers design and manufacture autoclave systems with the following specifications:

  • Vaccuum Autoclave with 580mm diameter steel chamber on stand
  • Maximium screen diameter or part size 520mm ( can be adapted to suit special applications)
  • Max chamber operating temperature 500°C
  • Integrated vaccuum pump and filter via a water bed removing the hydrocarbons (wet scrubber)
  • Power requirements 15kW at 380V/3phase/50Hz and water connection with drain

We can adapt and size the autoclave/burn-off oven to your specification should the standard specifications above not meet your requirements.

Our autoclave can also be used for curing of resins of bonded components like carbon fibre parts or assemblies.

Besides cleaning and curing applications, the autoclave is suitable for pre-heating parts to be welded and stress-relieving of small items after welding. The autoclave also has an inlet port for inert gases in cases where parts should not be in contact with oxygen at elevated temperatures.

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