Melt Pressure Transducers: Mercury-Free

Melt Pressure Transducers

Mercury-Free Melt Pressure Transducers:
For Health Sensitive Areas & HACCP

Gefran melt pressure sensors:
Improve control, reduce downtime, minimise scrap.

Different applications call for different melt pressure transducers:

Check our wide range of measurement equipment offered by Gefran:
fluid-free, sodium-potassium filled, oil-filled & mercury filled sensors for any of your applications.


View products! Browse our catalogues & add products of interest to your "enquiry list" or
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For food manufacturing, packaging & pharmaceutical processes that are
HACCP approved, the following 3 mercury-free sensor-types are recommended:

For general purpose:

Fluid Free Transducers
NaK filled Transducers
filled (K-Series)
Oil Filled Transducers
Mercury Filled Transducers
Mercury filled

All Gefran melt pressure sensors are entirely stainless steel, & available in 4 versions:

  1. Rigid Rod
  2. Flexible Rod
  3. Flexible with Thermocouple
  4. Exposed tips

Contact Michael (011 966 9800) or Manfred (021 762 8995) to discuss your melt pressure measurement requirements
or submit your request online!

unitemp has over 30 years experience in industrial heating, measurement and control.

unitemp: dedicated agent for GEFRAN process automation since 1996.Gefran South Africa: Process Automation offered by unitemp

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