Sodium-potasssium (NaK) filled Melt Pressure Transducer

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NaK filled Melt Pressure Sensors for high temperature applications

Sodium-potasssium (NaK) filled

Gefran K-Series Melt Pressure Transducers

Of the fluid-filled Gefran sensors the Melt pressure transducers filled with sodium-potassium are those able to work at the highest temperatures
(i.e. up to 538°C)
, assuring a total compliance with the maximum levels of accuracy and of reliability.

All the NaK sensors are conform to the RoHS Directive thanks to the sodium-potassium filling fluid, considered a substance "Generally Recognized As Safe" (GRAS).

The Nak serie Performance Level 'c' version is conform to the European standard EN1114-1 related to the safety requirements for extruders.

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The K-Series are pressure sensors for use in high temperature applications where the process temperatures may reach 538°C (1000°F) such as high temperature engineered polymers.

The K Series utilizes standard melt pressure principles and construction; strain sensing technology is bonded foil strain gauge.

A near incompressible sodium-potassium (i.e. NaK) mixture is used for pressure transmission. NaK is FDA recognized safe (GRAS) substance.

Gefran Pressure Measurement at High Temperatures
Melt Pressure Measurement for the plastics and packaging industry
NaK filled Melt Pressure Sensors: Features

Sensitive to environmental issues, and in full harmony with the RoHS Directive (2002/95/CE), GEFRAN offers a wide range of mercury-free Melt sensors, with NaK filling fluid.

The new GTP coating, the result of Gefran research, guarantees longer Melt sensor life thanks to:

  • Greater hardness
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Low coefficient of friction


Gefran K-Series amplified Melt Pressure Sensors have the Autozero functions, which eliminates signal variations linked to a thermal effect before putting the system under pressure.


With the SP option (internal autocompensation), K series transmitters cancel the effect of variation of pressure signal caused by variation of Melt temperature. In this way, the read error caused by heating of the filling fluid (typical in filled sensors) is reduced to a minimum.

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