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Wiper replacement can be facilitated for certain potentiometers. Kindly contact for further details & request support.


Yes. A displacement transducer is a voltage divider (not a variable resistor) so resistive value is of little importance
unless the data acquisition system has specific requirements. Be careful however to observe the power supply
capabilities to define maximum absorbed current.


Linearity is greatly influenced by the input impedance value - so this is vital for considered applications.
For example, whilst it is theoretically possible to connect a potentiometer to a , say 0-10Vdc, input of a PLC, the input impedance value of of the PLC must be considered.


This is usually an indication that the input sensor signal is out of range. Note: a 'calibration'/adjustment is always required when new pressure sensors are connected to indicator.

4-wire solution

  1. Press and hold the button until 'In' is...

No. The MK4 transducer draws 70/90mA, but the maximum current supplied by the 4/40T is 50mA at 24V.
40BX-X-24-X-X-X-X-X may be used.


(thermocouple, resistance sensor, voltage and current)


A sample weight/pressure can be simulated with a mV or analogue signal from a signal generating device.


In this case, the resolution is an indication of the smallest quantity that can be measured.


There is a possibility that the controller is faulty/blown. Kindly download a customer request form, complete and send to Thermon SA (Pty) Ltd. for a quote on repair.


The display should only flash for the first few seconds after start-up. If it continues to flash the power supply is possibly faulty and must be repaired. Kindly download a customer request form, complete and send to Thermon SA (Pty) Ltd. for quote on repair.