Gefran indicators

40B indicator displaying 'Hi or Lo, Er' when connected to a 3.33mV/V strain gauge.

This is usually an indication that the input sensor signal is out of range. Note: a 'calibration'/adjustment is always required when new pressure sensors are connected to indicator.

4-wire solution

Can I use a 4/40T indicator to supply a MK4 linear transducer?

No. The MK4 transducer draws 70/90mA, but the maximum current supplied by the 4/40T is 50mA at 24V.
40BX-X-24-X-X-X-X-X may be used.

Gefan indicators: How can I simulate a sample weight or pressure?

A sample weight/pressure can be simulated with a mV or analogue signal from a signal generating device.

Gefran indicators: What does resolution mean?

In this case, the resolution is an indication of the smallest quantity that can be measured.

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