displacement transducer

Can displacement transducers be repaired?

Wiper replacement can be facilitated for certain potentiometers. Kindly contact for further details & request support.

My previous potentiometer had a resistor value of 10k - is it safe to use a displacement transducer with a 5kΩ resistor value?

Yes. A displacement transducer is a voltage divider (not a variable resistor) so resistive value is of little importance
unless the data acquisition system has specific requirements. Be careful however to observe the power supply
capabilities to define maximum absorbed current.

Displacement transducer: The potentiometer is not linear

Linearity is greatly influenced by the input impedance value - so this is vital for considered applications.
For example, whilst it is theoretically possible to connect a potentiometer to a , say 0-10Vdc, input of a PLC, the input impedance value of of the PLC must be considered.

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