Finned Elements

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Finned rod elements, finned strip elements

finned strip and finned rod heating elements


We supply finned strip and finned rod heating elements manufactured to customer specifications and also stock a variety of shapes or sizes which are used across all industries.

Typically using steel or incoloy, finned elements are often the basis for custom air and gas heating systems. .

Our finned heating elements have a strong outer sheath for protection from physical stress. We also use high quality alloys to allow efficient heat transfer from resistance coil to medium to be heated.

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Depending on power rating, sheath and shape, our tubular elements are used in a variety of heat applications such as for conduction, convection and radiation heating that require high process temperatures in order to to heat air, liquids, gases and solids.

A variety of diameters are available to adjust watt densities to your application requirements. Our electric heaters are designed for best performance and long life span. Standard and custom made terminal pins allow for easy installation and maintenance.


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