Heating Arrays

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unitemp Air and Gas Heaters, duct heaters, heating arrays

Air and gas heaters, duct heaters, convection heaters,
heat shrink systems, hot air curing

Our custom-built air heating arrays are designed for heating of air and gases
up to 600°C.

Heat is generated by tubular heaters, shaped to provide optimum heat transfer in air ducts or vessels.

Various construction options cater for applications ranging from climatic heating in buildings, process heating during manufacturing to heating of gas in the
Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.

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Popular Air Heating Arrays, custom designed:

These are just a few popular examples of our customised air heating systems. Please view our product listings and send us your specific requirements for a discussion of your optimal heating solution.

Industrial Applications

We design process air duct and custom convection heaters for air and gas specifically for industrial applications. For instance, our designs optimize the heating of air fed into combustion and prevent condensation. Other custom air heating systems are used for heat shrinking, curing & drying applications.

Air Heating System: Curing kiln for ceramic snorkel
Electrical Air Heating System, custom designed
unitemp electrical air and gas heating systems
Control Panel for Air Heating Systems
Hot Air BlowersHot Air Curing System
Heat Shrink System for plastic caps

Low to high temperature/ high flow rate heaters are custom designed for
Climatic Control | Drying | Curing | Baking | Processing applications.

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