Intermediate Bulk Container Heaters (IBC)

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Flexible Heating Jackets for IBC's/ Totes

Safe heating of IBC's even in hazardous areas

  • Vast range of standard sizes and powers
  • Custom sizes materials, power levels & voltages to order
  • Adjustable thermostats: From anti-freeze to 180ºC process heating

Providing an efficient heating system the IBC heaters are ideal for reducing the viscosity of a variety of products including fats, oils and foodstuffs.

Wide range of standard container heaters used across industrial processes for the heating of 1000 litre IBC's and 270 US Gallon totes.

Designed to meet the demands of almost any industrial heating application - even in hazardous areas.

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Intermediate Bulk Container Heater

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Heater - 1000l

Heating Jacket warms up rapidly
and provides even heat.

IBC Heater

Ex-rated Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Heater - 1000l

ATEX & IECEx certified:
Zones 1+2

Used in a multitude of industries from pharmaceutical to chemical, cosmetic to food, these IBC heaters are the ideal solution for heating liquid materials stored in intermediate bulk containers.

Reduce heat-loss to a minimum!

Full length side and top one-piece insulating covers available to match the IBC heaters. The lid can be used for both the standard as well as the Ex-rated IBC heater.

IBC without Heater Jacket
Flexible Heating Jacket easy hook attachement
Tote with Flexible Heater Jacket

Advantages of Flexible Heating Jackets for IBCs

As standard, these jackets are designed for durability in hot, damp or dusty environments, so offer excellent long term reliability.

The standard dual circuit IBC heating jacket is an ideal solution for customers requiring liquids to be heated as rapidly and evenly as possible. The two high power heating circuits enable the top and bottom of each jacket to be separately controlled with integrated thermostats. A super high power IBC heater can also be supplied for appropriate materials.

We can also supply certified IBC/ Tote heating jackets for hazardous areas. These ATEX Zone 1 ad 2 rated jackets use a completely new and proprietary design. Constructed with patented technology using carbon rich semi-conducting heating membranes, safe operating conditions are maintained even in the presence of potentially explosive gases.

Temperatures up to 65°C can be achieved using 220/240v.
No transformers are required as the unit can operate from any 110v/240v ac supply.

Applications for Intermediate Bulk Container Heaters

Some products simply require warming to avoid winter freezing, other require intense process heating to reduce & maintain viscosity. Applications range from melting butter & fat in the food industry to warming waxes, gels & chemicals across industries. An ex-rated heating jacket is available for use in hazardous areas..

Bulk Container Heater used in dairy industry
Flexible heating jackets for bulk storage containers of liquids
IBC heaters - Ex rated for use in hazardous areas

Our range of heating jackets are suitable for a wide variety of plastic, fibre and metal containers: Drums, tubs, buckets, kegs and IBC's. Bespoke services available for custom sizes – just send us photos and dimensions, with temperature requirements.
Power ratings and thermostats can be matched to application need.

Standards for Bulk Container Heaters

Tote with Heater Jacket and Flexible Cover
Ex Rated Intermediate Bulk Container with Cover
IBC heater nylon cover
IBC heater PVC Waterproof cover

Standard sizes for all types are designed to fit Industry standard containers (thus have an adjustable length of 4060-4310mm and are 950mm wide), but custom formats can easily and rapidly be made to client specifications.

The single circuit heating jacket is a cost effective alternative when the faster heating times of the high-power version are not required.

Insulated IBC lids are also available to reduce heat-loss to a minimum. These are supplied with a folding flap in the middle for access to the centre fill-cap.

Outer surfaces of each jacket utilize tough, water resistant nylon materials. Inner layers are manufactured using unique coated glass cloths for protection from chemicals and long term temperature durability.

A heavy duty waterproof p.v.c. cover is also available for additional protection when used outdoors.


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