Drum Heaters, Flexible Heating Jackets

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Surface Heaters: Flexible Drum Heating Jackets for industrial applications

Flexible heaters for 25l- 210l drums:
Polyurethane coated nylon jackets or silicone side drum heaters

  • A vast range of standard sizes available
  • Custom sizes to order
  • Adjustable thermostats, from anti-freeze to 180ºC

Reduce viscosity of materials contained in steel or plastic drums:
Soaps, fats & oils, foodstuffs, varnishes & chemicals can then be pumped or poured with ease. Also ideally suited for warming/ anti-freeze protection.

Used by a multitude of industries from pharmaceutical to chemical, cosmetic to food, the heater jacket is the ideal solution for heating liquid materials stored in metal or plastic drums.

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Heating Jacket: 25l drum

Heating Jacket - 25l drum
  • Circumference: 870 - 1020mm, Height: 400mm
  • Thermostat limit: 40º - 90ºC
  • Nominal Power: 240v | 200 - 600W

Heating Jacket: 50l drum

Heating Jacket - 50l drum
  • Circumference: 1100 - 1250mm, height: 460mm
  • Thermostat limit: 40º - 90ºC
  • Nominal Power (240v): 250-680W

Heating Jacket: 100l drum

Heating Jacket - 100l drum
  • Circumference: 1500 - 1650mm, height: 370mm
  • Thermostat limit: 40º - 90ºC
  • Nominal Power (240v): 400-700W

Heating Jacket: 210l drum

Heating Jacket - 210l drum
  • Circumference: 1800 - 1950mm,
    height: 270mm
  • Thermostat limit: 0º - 90ºC
  • Nominal Power (240v): 750W

Heating Jacket: 210l drum

Heating Jacket - 210l drum
  • Circumference: 1800 - 1950mm, height: 440mm - 780mm
  • Thermostat limit: 90º - 120ºC
  • Nominal Power (240v): 450-1300W

Silicone Side Drum Heater

Heating Jacket - 210l drum
  • Circumference: 125/ 180mm -
    800/ 1665mm
  • Thermostat limit: 120ºC
  • Nominal Power (240v): 300-1500W

Ex Heating Jacket: 210l drum

Heating Jacket - 210l drum
  • Circumference: 1800 - 1950mm, height: 850mm
  • Thermostat limit: Up to 55ºC
  • Nominal Power (240v): 720W

The jackets are made from heat-resistant polyurethane coated nylon or high-temperature resistant silicone & fitted with adjustable retaining straps and quick release polyethylene clips.

A high efficiency layer of insulation is held in place between the outer cover and the inner element carrier. The silicone insulated heating element is woven back and forth along the length of the carrier. The braided supply cable is retained by a polycarbonate gland and insulating plate.

Applying heat evenly to the product eliminates hot spots thus preventing damage to more sensitive materials such as sugars and glucose

Chemically resistant heating jacket on process vessel
Custom Heating Jackets for Concrete Shrinking Tests
Standard flexible heaters for drums & smaller containers

Flexible Heating jackets are suitable for a wide variety of plastic, fibre and metal containers – drums, tubs, buckets, kegs and IBC's. Standard sizes readily available. Bespoke service available for custom sizes – just send us photos and dimensions, with temperature requirements.

Power ratings and thermostats can be matched to application need, from winter warming of liquids through to melting of waxes and gels. Options for increased chemical resistance or special jackets for gas bottle heaters also available on request.

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