Flexible Rod Elements ("hotflex")

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Flexible Rod Heaters

Rod Heaters, flexible: HotFlex


Hotset offers flexible rod heaters that can be bent into very specific shapes without the need for special bending jigs.

Due to the flexibility of the HotFlex it is now possibleto bend this heating element into three dimensional shapes.

HotFlex has been designed for concentrated heat in specific areas to optimise the overall heating system.

It is extensively used for heating the plastic flow channels on hot runner manifolds and to focus heat in the specific area on the sealing plates used for bonding and cutting plastic.

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NB: Care should be taken when choosing the length of the HotFlex element:

HotSet HOTFLEX 8.5mm

  • The element should not protrude out of the groove by more than 20mm on either side
  • Exposure of the heated length (ending 30mm from each end) will cause overheating and failure of the element.
  • During bending the element will expand by typically 3%
    (dependent on shape. See extension factors under technical data)
  • The groove should be machined deep enough and not be more than 0.1mm oversize.
  • The element must be inserted firmly into the groove, avoiding air gaps which will lead to hot spots and possible failure.

Flexible Rod Heaters: Technical Data

Hotflex diameter 8.5:

HotFlex: Flexible Rod Heaters by HotSet

HotFlex M.25:
Flexible Rod Element Termination

HotSet HotFlex: Flexible Rod Element termination

HotSet HotFlex: Ceramic Connector for Flexible Rod Elements

HotSet HotFlex: Flexible Rod Heater Connector

available as stock item: UHSA-YCERCONNEC


Diameter Options

Extention Factor

Multiply the groove centreline length of each bend by these expansion factors to determine the appropriate HotFlex length: Hotflex Ø 8.5 mm

  • Radius R 10.0mm = 0.94
  • Radius R 12.5mm = 0.95
  • Radius R 15.0mm = 0.95
  • Radius R>15.0mm = 0.96


Unheated Zones

min. 30mm / 30mm


Not Bendable Zones

min. 30mm / 30mm


Flexible Rod Heaters: Minimum Bending RadiusMinimum Bending Radius

R = 10mm (internal)

Other dimensions and product varieties on request.



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