Sealed Nozzle Elements

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Sealed Nozzle Heaters, semi-sealed nozzle heaters

Sealed and Semi-Sealed nozzle heaters

Sealed nozzles are primarily used in confined areas where spillages can occur.

A common application is on plastic moulding machines where space is restricted and leakage is frequent.

The inner windings are protected from the plastic spillage due to the design and "sealed" construction of the outer housing.

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Technical Details:

Size: Sealed nozzle elements are supplied in any inner diameter larger than 25mm.
Standard widths:: 16mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm
(Semi-sealed nozzle are offered for widths greater than 60mm)
Rating: Maximum rating is 5.5W/cm² up to 250°C.
Calculation of maximum power (all dimensions in mm):
P max (Watts) = Width x Diameter x 0.17
Note: For diamters smaller than 25mm, power ratings above 5.5W/cm² or wider nozzles, please contact us.

Mounting, Storage and Commissioning


It is imperative that nozzle heaters are securely clamped onto the inner metal body to be heated.

Good contact must be established between the total surface area of both the heater and metal body.
On start up, the clamps should be re-tightened once the set temperature has been reached.

Storage and Commissioning:

Elements are susceptible to moisture and should be stored or used in a dry environment.

It is suggested that elements are gently heated after a prolonged period out of commission. This allows moisture to escape and prevents damage to the elements. For the best results, a temperature controller with “soft start” is recommended.

Sealed & Semi-Sealed Nozzle Heaters