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Comfort Heaters: Infrared zone heating, ceramic & quartzglass

Infrared Zone Heating

Feeling the winter chill?

Infrared elements for comfort heating are ideally suited for fast and efficient comfort heating where heat is required for only short periods of time or in large open spaces where convection heating (air heating) is uneconomical.

Electrical IR heating is easy to install, more economical and safer in its use than comparable gas driven appliances.

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Ceramic Comfort Heaters

Ceramic Infrared Comfort Heaters

Ceramic IR heaters offer exceptional durability.

Emitting in the long-wave spectrum they hardly display any visible glow, which is advantageous when light sources are unwanted.

Typical applications for IR Comfort Heating

Entrance halls, reception desks, warehouses, factories, bathrooms, entertainment areas, open-air restaurants, dining rooms, canteens, guard houses, wards,studios, sports & youth clubs, churches, community halls etc.

Infrared zone heating, comfort heaters

Benefits of infrared zone heaters:

  • Instant warmth:
    IR transfers 3-5 times quicker than hot air processes and requires only short warm-up period
  • Efficiency:
    The angle of the beam at 70°C allows targeting of heat energy where it is required, yielding approximately 96% efficient energy conversion
  • No heat losses:
    Because IR energy penetrates through the air similar to visible light, it cannot be blown away by wind or rise to the roof through convection
  • Environmentally-friendly:
    IR heaters emit no vapors thereby, alleviating an environment for germ growth. Unlike gas and oil heaters, IR heaters do not deprive the air of oxygen and are safe in closed areas, unlike gas fired ones.
  • Unobstrusive:
    IR heaters are small and inconspicuous. When mounted high they do not pose an obstruction, nor do they make any noise.

Installation guide

  1. Short wave IR installation guideDetermine the overall heating requirements:
    B x D x Heating Index = Total kW required
    1 000

    B = length to be heated in metres, D=width to be heated in metres, Heat Index = intensity in watts per m², determined from Heating Index table

    Heating Index table
    130 - 170: Shops, meeting halls, recreation rooms, clubs, pubs
    150 - 170: Offices, canteens, waiting rooms, entrance halls
    150 - 200: Workshops, factories, garages, public buildings, restaurants
    180 - 220: Warehouse, loading bays, large workshops and factories
    220 - 240: Churches
  2. Determine the number of comfort heaters by dividing the kW rating of the units available into the totalkW loading
  3. A 10-15% overlap is recommended to give even coverage

Do not hang clothes directly over the heater. Synthetic material will soften/ melt if positioned too close to the heater. Maintain a safe distance of 1 metre. Do not replace the cable with conventional PVC cable.

Correct Infrared Heater Installation:

IR heater - correct installation

Incorrect Infrared Heater Installation:

IR heaters - incorrect installation

The ceramic infrared elements are safe to warm people or animals provided that they are mounted such that no accidental contact can result ( hazard of burns).

The elements are not weather proof and may not be exposed to moisture or rain and should only be used indoors or under roofing which protects them.

The element wattage should be selected to warm the object in a gentle way and not too close to result in discomfort or hazard of burn. The elements emit infrared heat only (like the warm sun rays) and no UV light.

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