Ceramic Infrared Heaters

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unitemp's ceramic infrared heating systems

Ceramic infrared elements emit in the medium- to long wave spectrum, producing a gentle and even heat which lends itself to softening of plastic before forming.

They are extensively used in the plastics industry for vacuum forming, pre-heating, softening of pipe ends before shaping, softening of Perspex before bending and heating of plastic surfaces to remove scratch marks.

In the packaging industry ceramic infrared emitters are used to dry inks, to soften hotmelt glues, to preheat bags before sealing and for shrink wrapping.

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Unitemp designs and manufactures infrared heating arrays to suit customers requirements.

Ceramic infrared emitters are robust and durable. They are available in various standard sizes and power ratings. This modular approach allows arrangement of elements in a heating array providing an even heat profile over the whole target area. Elements in the array can be mounted at different heights to cater for uneven surfaces.

Ceramic infrared emitters can be supplied with integrated thermocouple, allowing precise measurement and control of heating power.

FSR range

FSR ceramic IR emitter

FSR emitters are universally used & offer and economic heating solution. They are characterised by their concave design which reduces heat absorbtion by the wiring space.

HSR range

HSR ceramic IR emitter

HSR high speed radiators are particularly suitable for use in clocked production processes or if temperature has to drop quickly when there is a stoppage, in order to prevent damage.

HTS range

HTS ceramic IR emitter

HTS emitters offer superior energy efficiency and faster heat-up time. Less heat is lost towards the back of the element, resulting in cooler termination chamber. This eliminates problem of overheating cables and busbars.

IOT range

IOT ceramic IR emitter

IOT infrared emitters can be screwed in like standard light bulbs and are popular heaters in terrariums, heating of pets and livestock, breeding, medical and catering technology.
Screwcap: E27 Edison

SHTS range

SHTS ceramic IR emitter

SHTS super high temperature emitters provide exceptionally high surface rating (up to 77kW/m²) and have a gold reflector at the back which increases energy transfer and efficiency.

HLS range

HLS ceramic infrared emitter

HLS high performance emitters operate in the medium wave IR spectrum. Due to the incorporated gold plated parabolic reflector, efficiency is increased above 80%
& targeted surface temperatures of up to 700°C can be achieved. They are ideally suited for processes where high temperatures or higher production throughput is needed.