Elstein HSR: Ceramic Infrared Panel Radiators

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Ceramic Infrared Panel Heaters: Elstein HSR Series for Industry

The energy-saving series of high speed ceramic IR radiators

Elstein HSR high speed radiators are quick-reaction ceramic infrared panel heaters, designed for operating temperatures up to 900 °C and surface ratings up to 64 kW/ m².

Elstein HSR high speed heaters are available in three designs and cover the power range from 125 W to 1000 W.

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Features of HSR High speed radiators

The external characteristics of the HSR heaters is their visible heating coil, which is installed in a ceramic body. The heat released in the wiring space by this design is up to 65 % less compared to infrared heaters with a heating coil embedded in ceramic.

HSR high speed heaters are particularly suitable for use in clocked production processes, for frequent tool changes or if the temperature has to drop quickly in case of transfer disruptions, in order to prevent damage to the production plant.

  Elstein HSR:
High Speed IR Radiator
Elstein HSR/1:
High Speed IR Radiator
Elstein HSR/2:
High Speed IR Radiator
Dimensions 125mm x 125mm 250mm x 62.5mm 125mm x 62.5mm
Power at 230V ac 250 - 1000W 250 - 1000W 125 - 500W
Weight 220g 220g 125g
Surface Rating 16.0 | 25.6 | 38.4 | 51.2 | 64.0 kW/m²
Typical operating temperature 450 | 570 | 700 | 810 | 860°C
Maximum permissible temperature 900°C
Wavelength range 2 - 10 μm
Standard design specifications

Operating voltage 230 V
Ceramic moulding
Integrated thermal insulation
Leads 85 mm
Elstein standard socket
Mounting set [Information regarding the REACH conformity are available on request]

Optional Thermocouple Designation T-HSR, T-HSR/1, T-HSR/2
Integrated thermocouple Type K (NiCr-Ni)
TC leads 100 mm
Custom variations Special wattages
Special voltages
Extended leads
Leads with ring terminals

Temperature Range & Radiant Power Elstein HSR IR Heaters

Elstein FSR - heating coil Temperatures Elstein FSR - Radiant Power

Elstein HSR Series High Speed Radiators: Dimensions

Elstein HSR IR Technical Drawing

Elstein HSR/1 IR Technical Drawing

Elstein HSR/2 IR Technical Drawing

The power can be controlled using thermocouple radiators together with temperature controllers, thyristor switching units and other accessories. IR radiation areas can be assembled using reflectors, construction sets, and construction elements, mounting sheets as well as construction panels.

The national safety regulations must be complied with for the respective application, for example, the IEC or
EN standard 60519-1, Safety in electrical heating installations. Our instructions for mounting, operation and safety must be observed.

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Important: The radiators of the HSR series must be installed and operated in a way, which does not enable touching the heaters (risk of injury due to electric shock).

Heating of bottle bottoms
Thermoforming of boat hulls
3D-Heating for lamination
Drying paints and curing resins
Heating of plastic tubes
Glass tempering