Temperature Sensors: Accessories

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Temperature Sensor Accessories: Connectors, Cables, compression fittings

Connectors, plugs, cable brackets, sensor cables and compression fittings

The sensor accessories in this section are selected due to their suitability for rugged environment, high temperature resistance and wide application in Industry.

We stock various components for all types of temperature sensors (RTDs, Thermocouples type 'J'', 'K', 'T', 'R', 'S', PT100s etc.) and manufacture temperature measurement probes to your specific requirements.


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Mini connectors for Temperature Sensors, Type 'J' and 'K'

Mini Connectors for temperature sensors Sensor connector: Male, type 'J'/ 'K' Temperature Sensor connector: Female, type 'J'/ 'K' Temperature Sensor Connector: Panelmount, female, type 'J'/ 'K' Temperature Sensor Connector: Round, panelmount, female, Type 'J'
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