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Signal Conditioners and temperature transmitters

temperature transmitters: head-mount & DIN rail, isolated & non-isolated

Isolated transmitters protect the electrical instrumentsby eliminating ground loop effects and reduce substantially the undesirable interferences and instabilities in sensor measurements.

When multiple thermocouples are interfaced to multiloop controllers or PLCs, ground loop problems arise with ungrounded T/C and isolated transmitters MUST be used.

The range of Define Instruments temperature transmitters features fully programmable head & DIN-rail mount transducers powered by USB.

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Define Instruments TM-2HL & TM-2HLI

  • non-isolated
  • specifically designed for RTD and thermocouple temperature applications
  • 2-wire in-head design
  • mount transmitter
  • has a 4-20mA current output
  • USB programming is hassle free
  • no calibration or power supply is required


Define Instruments TM-2DLI & TM-4DPI

  • versatile 2- and 4-wire transmitter
  • accepts a wide range of standard input types
  • outputs at 4-20mA
  • USB programming is hassle free
  • TM-4DPI can also be used as a very effective signal converter or signal isolator as it can be programmed for any combination of input and output signals


Technical Details of Signal Conditioners:

Temperature Transmitter
using USB cable for programming Block / IsoBlock Transmitter using USB cable

Adaptor connections
to the temperature transmitter with RS232 cable Adaptor connections to the Block with RS232 cable

Transmitter dimensions for DIN-mount Transmitter dimensions

Transmitter dimensions for Head-mount Temperature Transmitter Dimensions

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